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Mobile Electronics Australia recently published an editorial about Australian car audio industry specialist retailers. Phatt Audio Concepts prides itself on being at the forefront of this industry and wanted to share with you why the Australian industry is currently in a great position.

The article in its entirety is published here: http://mobileelectronics.com.au/article/industry_news/australian_industry_specialist_retailers/

To quote Mobile Electronics Australia, "Over the past couple of years our industry has undergone a transformation. Gone are most of the backyard installers and those stores that considered themselves specialists, but had no interest in staying up with technology and the evolution of our industry. You see, the current car audio specialist retailer needs to be clever. They need to not only know how to operate an efficient business in an extremely competitive marketplace, which for an entrepreneur is a challenge in itself, but they also need to be 'smart'. They now need to be well versed in electronics, complex systems such as MOST and CAN bus networks, automotive electrical systems, and possess the skills of varying trades including panel beating, spray painting, upholstery and much more. If that isn't enough, it's not just a job for anyone that can do the aforementioned. Our vehicles are newer, cleaner and consumers are more discerning than ever before. The skilled staff need to have all these skills, but also have attention to detail, be thorough and maintain a quality of workmanship and have pride in their work. These characteristics are traits of personality, often not something that can just be taught." said National Manager, Marc Rushton.

Aside from other very interesting comments made in the article, another that grabbed our attention:

"Retailers provide an experience. I remember the excitement driving around retail stores as a newly licensed driver, comparing all the stores and deciding where I would spend my first year apprentice wages over the coming months and years. At the time, the industry was split between the smart operators still investing in their business, and the rest that had experienced the slowdown of the new millennium. There was a lull in the years that followed and sadly a real lack of motivation by many that had the opportunity to make a difference to our industry. Thankfully, those days are over. The next generation of specialist retailers have arrived, and they're hungry!"

At Phatt Audio Concepts we believe we still deliver this excitement to our customers. There's nothing more satisfying than handing over a completed project to a customer than to have them call the shop an hour later stating just how happy they are. Music is an experience, and the excitement a customer shows tells us when we have done a good job!

And finally, "Consumers are the winners here. The customer experience is the best it has been in history, pricing is aggressive, competitive and more than ever, with the service on offer, provides real benefit over buying online and sending aussie dollars overseas. Be proud of our Australian industry, support the next generation Australian Car Audio Specialist Stores and enjoy the thriving industry."

Hear Hear!

Sam Pansino & Brett Morris
Co-Owners, Phatt Audio Concepts

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  • Experience and Training

    Our combined industry experience spans over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, and continue to attend training to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends.

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    Skills can be taught, but vision and creativity are inherited. We are privileged to have the vision and artistic flair required to be specialists in our field, and apply it to all our projects.

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    We work with the world's best materials suppliers and have refined many techniques that are unique to Phatt Audio Concepts. Our skills have been refined over the last twenty years, and using the right product along with the right technique is the Phatt Audio Concepts difference.

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