About us

It's all about the music... well in essence it is, and we believe that all too often that is forgotten.

Our humble beginnings start with a love for music, and in our younger years we realised this could be blended with a passion for cars. For us, it was about creation and as we refined the best techniques to marry the two together, a career and business soon followed.

You see, like an artist feels a sense of excitement when applying that first brush stroke to a blank canvas, we approach modifying vehicles the same way. Our creativity, and vision is limited only by your imagination and dreams.

It's not always going to be a Mona Lisa or Whistler's Mother though. We understand and appreciate our customer's needs, and their applications. A typical day at our workshop includes upgrading OE vehicle speakers, or the installation of a security system. We still apply this same passion and attention to detail to every single project though.

When a vehicle leaves our establishment, it's a reflection of us
and we believe your reputation is only as good as your least happy customer.

what we offer

  • Experience and Training

    Our combined industry experience spans over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our knowledge, and continue to attend training to ensure we are up to date with the latest trends.

  • Vision & Creativity

    Skills can be taught, but vision and creativity are inherited. We are privileged to have the vision and artistic flair required to be specialists in our field, and apply it to all our projects.

  • Ability & Technique

    We work with the world's best materials suppliers and have refined many techniques that are unique to Phatt Audio Concepts. Our skills have been refined over the last twenty years, and using the right product along with the right technique is the Phatt Audio Concepts difference.

The Team

Phatt Audio Concepts Team